Friday, December 12, 2014

Shelby's Feminist Gift Guide

To close out my week of gift guides, I decided that I would try to create one that appeals to my feminist side (not like it's hard--I have only one side and that's my feminist side). It was either this or to create a gift guide for tea lovers. I've seen a few feminist gift guides--Amanda wrote one at IGGPPC and I subscribe to a few feminist magazines that featured them--and decided that I'd work in the same vein.

Shelby's Feminist Gift Guide 2014

Shelby's Feminist Gift Guide 2014 

There are, of course, many things that you can give to the feminist you happen to be fond of! This list is by no means a cumulative one. This is what I decided to share:
  • "don't tell me to smile" t-shirt -- it's funny that I found this shirt, because just the other day I was telling someone how much I hate it when men tell me that I need to smile. Even better, it's got a bear on it, and bears are my spirit animal. It's like this shirt was made for me, and every other girl who can't stand it when someone says that her facial expression isn't good enough at Resting Bitch Face.
  • UNT mug -- I've coveted this stupid mug for over a year now and I want it now more than ever!
  • "I can save myself" Princess Zelda blanket -- I'm not a gamer, but I think this thing is perfect!
  • Daria: the Complete Animated Series -- one night in early 2014 (March 18, 2014, is be exact, because it was the day after my least favorite holiday ever, St. Patrick's Day), I was at Walmart with the boy who doesn't know I'm going to marry him. And I saw Daria in the TV section at Walmart. I wanted to buy it so badly, but ended up needing to leave the store because I wanted a sandwich from Subway. EVERYBODY NEEDS DARIA IN THEIR LIFE, is what I am trying to say. There are many good shows for women with good messages outside of Daria: Call the Midwife and Bomb Girls are two of my favorites!
  • "I'm dreaming of a feminist Christmas" long-sleeved shirt -- The graphic on it is really quite clever.
  • Books -- Here I have Flow: A Cultural History of Menstruation, because I've coveted it like I covet that stupid UNT mug. There are many feminist and equality-friendly books out there, though. I also recommend feminism is for everybody by bell hooks (for beginners and feminist scholars alike) and The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood (for the feminist who likes fiction).
  • GoldieBlox -- There'd by exclamation points there if I could. This is the company whose mission is to "disrupt the pink aisle" at toy stores and market engineering-based toys for girls. FOR GIRLS.
  • Eco-friendly lady products -- I know, I know; many of you are thinking: Ewwww! I can respect that, I guess, I can respect your opinion. But if you know a feminist who wants to save the rain forest, or thinks she might want to, or is appalled by how much waste she produces in a year from lady products alone, I recommend them! 

Please keep your "I'm not a feminist" comments to yourself; I don't understand and I'm not going to try to understand, nor am I going to pretend to. #unapologetic

That's it for this year, I think! Was there anything I missed, other than a lot? What are your thoughts on my gift guides? Is there a chance you'd like to see me try again next year? Do you have any suggestions?


  1. That Zelda blanket is amazing, and I have to say, my Diva Cup completely changed my life and my relationship to my body. Eco-friendly lady products are TOTALLY feminist!

    1. YES! Somebody who gets menstrual cups! I love mine. That is one thing I hear a lot with eco-friendly and reusable lady products: they change your relationship with your body! I think that's amazing!

      Anything that is designed to keep a body warm appeals to me, and the geek factor of the Zelda blanket is also undeniably awesome!

  2. So much YES to the Zelda blanket and Daria! I love Daria, it's just so much WIN.


    1. I LOVE Daria! You're right, it's a show with so much WIN. There were so many funny and memorable characters in general on the show. I miss it!

      Are you keeping an eye on that blanket you like for your son's room?